TSS/Watch Alarm™ - Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

TSS/Watch Alarm™ is designed for monitoring the status of the bridge operations and efficiency of the mate-on-watch.

TSS/Watch Alarm™ consists of two panels.

Start-up and mode selection panel is used for:

  • System activation and selection of operation mode – manual or automatic
  • Selection of inactivity period – 3 min, 6 min, 12 min
  • Adjustment of brightness of the visual alarm panels (1st level light alarm)
  • System failure indication
  • 1st level visual and sound alarm
  • 1st level visual and sound alarm check
  • Acknowledgement of visual and sound alarm

TSS/Watch Alarm™ panel is used for:

  • 1st level light and sound alarm

The panel is installed in ship’s cabins and public rooms. Face side of the panel consists of: visual alarm lamp, buzzer and lamp and buzzer test button. Panel’s back side has connectors for cable connection.

TSS/Watch Alarm™ system can operate in one of the three operation modes:

  • The system is off
  • The system is on
  • Automatic operation mode

In “Automatic” operation mode the system is automatically activated on AUTOPILOT activation and is shut down when AUTOPILOT is switched off.

Change in the operation mode from one position to another can only be performed by the Captain or Mate-on-watch, using a key.

Depending on the selected time interval of 3, 6 or 12 minutes, light alarm starts blinking red on the start-up and mode selection panel and on the alarm and acknowledgment panel.

TSS/Watch Alarm™ signal is confirmed by pressing the acknowledgement button, which is located on the start-up and mode selection panel as well as using acknowledgement buttons located on all alarm and acknowledgment panels of the system.

If the light signal is not acknowledged within 15 seconds, the system automatically activates the 1st level sound alarm, which is located on the start-up and mode selection panel and on all alarm and acknowledgement panels.

The 2nd level alarm is activated 15 seconds after the 1st level sound alarm activation, if the Captain or the Mate does not acknowledge the signal. The 2nd level alarm includes light and sound alarm activation in all rooms, where TSS/Watch Alarm™ panels are installed.

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