TSS/Docking™ - Floating Dock Monitoring and Control System

Floating dock monitoring and control system TSS/Docking™ provides measurement and calculation of dock draft, heel, trim and sagging, ballast mass, load on dock structures, control over pumps and gate valves of ballast systems.

TSS/Docking™ ensures maximum safety during dock operations and provides:

  • Remote measurement and indication of:
    • Level in ballast tanks
    • Drafts
    • Temperature in “dry” compartments
    • Water presence in “dry” compartments
  • Remote control and indication of operation/ position of:
    • Valves, shutters
    • Pumps
  • Warning signal when the operating limit is reached by one of parameters
  • Ship positioning in the dock using laser range-finders
  • On-line calculation of longitudinal strength and bending moments
  • Planning of the dock operations
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