TSS/Cargo™ - Cargo Control System for Tankers

Cargo control system for oil & chemical tankers TSS/Cargo™ is designed for monitoring all types of oil, oil products & chemicals in the cargo tanks and provides remote monitoring of the following parameters in the cargo and slop tanks:

  • Cargo level
  • Cargo temperature (up to 3 points)
  • Inert gas pressure
  • Pressure & vacuum in the cargo tanks
  • High & high-high alarms (in addition to stand-alone TSS/Alarm™ system)
  • Manifold pressure monitoring
  • Draft, heel and trim monitoring
  • Level in the ballast tanks
  • Remote valve control

TSS/Cargo™ measurement accuracy is based on the use of high-precision level (GLF™ technology), temperature and pressure measurement instruments combined in one deck sensor - TGD™ with digital output, which allows to reduce deck cabling.

TSS/Cargo™ meets all IMO and classification societies’ requirements for oil carriers and enables to calculate volume of stored and transferred cargo with high accuracy. During cargo operations TSS/Cargo™ system provides on-line cargo information.

Information from sensors is transmitted to the cargo computer MasterLoad™, where loading, strength, and stability are calculated on-line, and safety of operation parameters in the current loading condition is being controlled. Preliminary preparation of cargo plan is also possible.

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