TSS/BMS4™ - Draught and Level Measuring System in Ballast and Service Tanks

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TSS/BMS4™ is the next generation of electro-pneumatic systems for level, density and draught measurement, developed by API Marine, featuring improved modular design, enhanced capabilities and reduced costs.

TSS/BMS4™ is designed to measure level in ballast and service tanks, cargo density in cargo tanks and vessel’s draught. The system can also be used for level and density measurement in onshore storage tanks.

Level measurement principle of TSS/BMS4™ is based on periodic purging of compressed air from the system to the tank bottom through an air tube and measurement of the settled air pressure in the tube. For draught measurement the air tube is led out to the bottom of the vessel. Density measurement principle of the system is based on measuring pressure difference in two air tubes, mounted in the tank  nad the known distance between these tubes.

TSS/BMS4™ consists of:

  • Multi-point Electro-pneumatic Level Transmitter – a combined, integrated unit for air purging into the tubes, providing pressure measurement and calculation of level/draught/density, with pressure sensors for up to 12 measurement channels per single unit
  • Air Handling Unit – a unit for preparation of compressed air according to the required parameters

Level transmitters, air handling unit and adapter unit can be combined into a single cabinet of the TSS/BMS4™ system.

Main advantages of the system:

  • Adaptive pulse operation – minimum air consumption
  • Built-in periodic zero self-calibration of pressure sensors
  • Automatic monitoring for leaks
  • Adaptive sequence measurement
  • Recurrent automatic purging of air tubes for protection from contamination and freezing
  • Equipped with a back-up pressure sensor for continuous operation even if the main sensor fails
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