TSS/Alarm™ - High Level Alarm System for Tankers

API Marine manufactures TSS/Alarm™ - 95%/98% Level Alarm System, which is used for high and high-high level detection in oil & chemical tankers, FSO & FPSO, LPG & LNG carriers, oil barges.

TSS/Alarm™ provides level control in one or two control points in each cargo or slop tank.

The system provides sound and light signals when critical level is reached. Light and sound alarms are provided on the alarm panel and on deck.

When reaching the critical filling level, alarm is actuated and yellow light-emitting diode sends signals to the alarm panel. Simultaneously, sound signals are sent to the alarm panel, horn and yellow flashing lamp.

When pressing the acknowledgement button, the sound alarm is switched off, the corresponding light indicator changes from blinking to continuous flashing.

When the emergency level is reached, the process is repeated with sending a light signal to the red lightemitting diode and red flashing lamp.

Operational reliability of TSS/Alarm™ system is provided by a special deck sensor - TLA™ with the following features:

  • Built-in self-test
  • Test buttons for “manual” test before loading/unloading
  • Stainless steel housing and rods
  • IP67 protection 

 Since TLA™ level switches are located in explosion hazard zone, commutation is carried out along sparkproof circuits through spark protection barriers. 

TSS/Alarm™ can be supplied separately or as a part of Integrated Automation Control System (IAS) – TSS/Control™.

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