TSS/Alarm-T™ - Temperature Monitoring and Measurement System in Cargo Tanks & Holds

TSS/Alarm-T™ is designed for cargo temperature measurement at a given level in cargo tank and sending warning signal to the operator when reaching and exceeding the set temperature value.

TSS/Alarm-T™ provides:

  • Temperature measurement in tanks and cargo holds
  • Actual tank/hold temperature value indication
  • Actuation of warning light (LED indicator) and sound (buzzer) signal when temperature reaches the set upper control value (overheating)
  • Warning signal acknowledgement by pressing the corresponding button on the alarm panel
  • Power supply to temperature sensors UTT™; if sensors are located in explosion hazard zones, power should be supplied through explosion-proof circuits
  • Diagnostics of communication line with level switches for disconnection or short circuit
  • Alarm test (LED lamps and buzzer efficiency) by pressing the corresponding button
  • Direct regulation of lamp and temperature indicator brightness (dimmer)

Additional functions

The system can be supplied with extended features:

  • In addition to overheat alarm, it is possible to provide alarm of lower limit of average temperature range of cargo in the tank
  • It is possible to include horn and flashing lamp to the scope of supply of the system
  • Power supply is possible both from 220 VAC feeder (main) and from 24 VDC (backup)
  • When reaching temperature setting values (both “overheat” and “cooling”), emergency-alarm signal is sent to the external system of equipment control. This allows making cargo heating process automatic

TSS/Alarm-T™ consists of UTT™ temperature sensors (according to the number of tanks), local technological station and alarm panel.

Temperature sensors UTT™ are placed so that the sensitive element is at the level where temperature should be measured in cargo tank. Sensitive element is placed in the thermowell of corresponding length. The thermowell represents a steel pipe with the bottom that isolates sensitive element from the contact with cargo. Since UTT™ temperature sensors are located in explosion hazard zone, power is supplied through spark-proof circuits via explosion protection barriers. Explosion protection barriers are located in LTS9 cabinet; they supply 24 V voltage power to the UTT™ sensors and provide signal processing from UTT™ sensors.

Alarm panel is located on cabinet door of LTS9. The status of level switches is displayed on the alarm panel.

Indication and control channel consists of UTT™ sensor, explosion protection barrier, pointer indicator with adjustable scale lighting, LED indicator, buzzer, and acknowledgement button. The pointer indicator of temperature in tank indicates temperature in the tank of operator’s choice by rotating the tank selector switch to the required position. The buzzer and acknowledgement button are common for all channels. Brightness of temperature indicator lighting and all panel lamps is regulated with the direct control handle (dimmer).

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