TLA™ - Tank Level Alarm

TLA™ - Tank Level Alarm is used for detection of high (95%) and high-high (98%) levels in tanks. TLA™ is installed on the deck of tankers, gas carriers, floating storages, FSO, FPSO, onshore storage tanks for oil, petroleum products and liquefied gases.

Built on the same patented acoustic wave technology as UTS™, TLA™ features high level of accuracy, reliability and customizability.

TLA™ represents a two-point level switch with alarm levels defined by length of rods, which are produced on request. Built-in test buttons are used for performing functionality test before filling in the liquid, in accordance with requirements of classification societies. Being highly adjustable to customer’s requirements, TLA™ can also be supplied as a three-point version.

Scope of supply consists of a flexible metal hose 0.5m for connection to the metal pipe, in which cable routing is laid on the deck.

TLA™ Features:

  • Works with any type of liquid and liquefied gas
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance
  • No moving parts
  • No electronics inside the tank
  • No sensitivity to vapor, moisture and foam
  • Automatic self test
  • Lengths on request
  • Only steel rod inside the tank (electronics and connections outside)

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