Integrated Automation System

The Integrated Automation System (IAS) provides centralized remote automated
control and monitoring, emergency alarm and status alarm of the following:

Cargo and ballast operations
Pumps & valves of ballast and cargo systems
Online monitoring of loading, stability and floatability
Main engine
Electric power station
ER auxiliary equipment (boilers, separators, etc.)
General alarm
Engineer call system
Bridge navigational watch alarm system
Deadman alarm system
Visual & audio alarms in ER (light columns)
The Integrated Automation System is a reliable and powerful tool for safe and efficient vessel operation. The unique and modular design of the system enables tailor-made solutions for any type of tanker vessels. The system’s hardware and software are 100% developed and manufactured by API Marine, and it is an “open source” system with the possibility of integrating third-party equipment.
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